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Rainy Day post!
April 3, 2009, 1:51 pm
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Go Away!

Go Away!

Well, I unfortunately won’t be able to go out and shoot photo’s today. Too much rain +  not enough light = Shitty camera situation. I’m going to end up in the darkroom in one way or another. Oh well, gotta keep your chin up, right?

I think I can deal with that.

I think I can deal with that.

Today is relatively cold, so it’s going to be a bummer when the Relay for Life squad hits the track later tonight. I’m not one for the whole Relay for Life bit on this campus. All I know is that people end up pulling running or walking  all-night on the stadium track for support against cancer. (Almost ended up saying to support cancer. Better not get that screwed up.) It’s not that I’m against the fight against cancer, but more leaning towards the fact that I thought Relay for Life was to literally run for your life when I was a freshman. I thought it was more along the lines of literal survival, rather than a figurative idea. We’re talking unleashing the hounds here people. Relay for Life? Sure thing! NOW RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

However, due to the weather tonight, and the fact that it’s supposed to get even colder, I’m going to put money on the fact that probably everyone is going to come down with a cold of some kind.  Does that mean that if many of my friends end up sick from this particular relay that cancer can even cause the common cold? Or maybe the goal of the entire relay was to MAKE people sick.


Irregardless, I have to divulge into a deeper subject all together.


What I dreaming about was of one of the most amazing apartments I’ve ever been in. I’m going to try and do it justice by painting a mental image of what it would look like for you. Brace yourself, because this place is awesome. Ok, so you walk into the front hallway, which is pretty short for even a doorway. Just a place to drop off your coat, pick up the dog leash, drop off your keys, etc. Moving into the main part of the apartment, you move into the kitchen/living room. This place is modest, a nice long, slim cushioned couch is facing a small television. The desk, in the far left corner of the room, can clearly see the city scape in looking out the 3 medium bay windows. Seven yards or so, directly behind the desk is the kitchen. Now, keep in mind that this is just the living room still, we haven’t ventured into the library, bedroom, OR bathroom yet. This main area is the kitchen/desk/living room area. Anyways, directly behind said desk is a floating island, complete with a grill top stove, with a wraparound counter top and large, stocked fridge. moving from the space in between the kitchen and desk, there is a door leading upwards to the library/greenhouse area. This library is double walled, so that the greenhouse is OUTSIDE the library and doesn’t ruin any books. You get the sun, or if you’d like, you’ve got a nice, medium size leather chair as well as a lamp to accompany you in your night-time ventures.

Ok, got that thus far? Because I actually found a visual similar to what this would look like, at least in leading up to the library/greenhouse.

There are books even in the stairs.

There are books even in the stairs.

Looks ideal for leading up into the greenhouse. I mean, come on, I love greenhouses. I love libraries. Why not combine the two when I have my own place? Such a fan of this dream thus far. Seriously.

Ok, I know I haven’t talked about the bedroom or bathroom, but the bathroom is pretty self-explanatory. Shower, no bath, white tile, old-fashioned. Not much else to say on that regards. The bathroom is right next to the kitchen, just before the short entry hallway. The bedroom, on the other hand, is pretty sweet. Queen sized bed, complete with dark green overtones, Leather chair in the corner, complete with another large bookcase, then dark wooden dresser, and bedside table.

Sound good? Yes.

Now, I want all of you to know this.

It's true!


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