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April 6, 2009, 6:23 pm
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I hope not in the Photo Lab...

I hope not in the Photo Lab...

Have you ever tried to sit down, and crank out some work like nobodies business, but seemingly become blocked at EVERY STEP OF THE WAY? Yes? Well,that was Sunday for me. I tried to develop two rolls of photographs, but alas, something went horribly awry, and two rolls of excellent photographs ruined. Spent way too much time in the photography lab this weekend, and my eyes are currently paying for it dearly. I hope to spend more time with Jen just relaxing after this debacle of a week is over with. I just need a good night of sleep, popcorn and grilled cheese. Mmm, delicious.

Aside from the photographs, the rest of the weekend went quite swimmingly. Relaxed with my boys shortly on Friday night, and went to the Ladies Lacrosse Formal on Saturday. Quite a good bit of pre-gaming on Saturday, along with embodying Doc Holiday, got to play “Fuck the Dealer” and sip on girl-y drinks to start the night off. Rolled on over to Kate House for some Pong action and then headed on out around midnight, due to having to get up early. It was a great time, to say the very least, and the company was absolutely wonderful. However, as per many of the weekends I encounter, it leads to the beginning of weeks where I actually have to work. (I know what your thinking, “Oh, college student who never does any work, typical.” You try working for an I.T. Department while trying to finish the English Major, working out every day, AND taking a full-course load. Let’s see what you’ve got, because your SO WRONG.) I hope, and expect next weekend (Although Easter weekend, and seems like quite a few people will be off campus in celebration with their families.) to be pretty relaxing. I miss the Easter from my childhood though, fun times hunting for eggs with Rainor and Baldur. Having us sprint all over the backyard to see who could find the most eggs. I’ve got to give props to my parents, even as a young adult, they hid them in places I would have never imagined in looking. I remember once we had an egg in the grill, opened the grill up to find a yellow plastic egg staring us in the face. Granted, this was around late May, so it wasn’t that impressive, but we were still amazed we missed such an obvious hiding place. I’ve got way too much work staring me in the face to head back this weekend, but I’m sure the guys will have an egg hunt in my absence. I love the mini Cadbury Eggs, and I am a particular fan of the Resse’s Eggs. Simply put, I love candy. I’ve been pretty good at restraining myself as of late, but Easter and Halloween are usually when things go INSANE when candy is involved.

On a separate, more unfortunate note, it looks like Wiggles, the other fish Jen and I had purchased, has developed a tumor or something right above his fin. It looks slightly like his intestine exploded out of his body, but he’s still moving. We’ll see how long he lasts, but it’s still sad. I do quite like fish, but they’re a bitch to take care of. Seriously.

Photo Project Update! Thus far: Possibly finished, need to finish contact sheets and maybe 4th roll? Need more paper.

Also, Ohio is ridiculous. Snow in April? I think not. More to come later tonight I’m sure.


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good nights sleep, popcorn and grilled cheese huh? i make a mean grilled cheese

Comment by Jen

Oh you’re making me miss the college life. I’m at the University of Legon now and it’s so weird to be on a campus.

Actually, it’s really weird seeing other white people. There’s this amazing vegan stand with the BEST tofu sandwiches and white people just crowd around and I’m like holy shit I forgot we existed. Keep on with the English major (taking adv creative writing next semester) after I.S. it’s all cake. But then it’s life so…

Me and my girls got Hider Apartments so I’m thinking the first week back themed party “Too Soon”

I’m gonna be the fat Anna Nicole. Good luck surviving the rest of Wooster and I can’t even fathom that summer is soon!

Comment by Marissa

yeah i just finished developing two rolls of film and when i looked at them in the light, i got the terrible feeling that i developed someone elses becuase i didnt recognize the photos. then i realized i turned the light on and i most likely just blasted my pictures away. After a minute of stewing in brick-shitting fear, I looked at the negatives and I saw that they were, in fact, my photos. praise athena.

so i’d say i feel the same except it wasnt a lasting feeling. so i guess i felt the same. for a second or two.

tough luck, huh?

Comment by baldur

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