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April 11, 2009, 5:25 pm
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Of all the people who come into the help desk, I feel somewhat rewarded when I’m able to fix someone’s stuff. I keep a running tally in my head, a score, one might say, of computers fixed as opposed to one’s I have been unable to fix. So far today, I’m up to seven computers fixed to zero computers inoperable. This, by the by, has only been in the past HOUR.

I just found out and by just, I  mean the last 30 seconds, that my friend Bill has obliterated his leg playing frisbee. If he reads this, Bill, I hope your leg heals quickly, so that your back on your feet in the blink of an eye. I hate to see my friends in pain, and it is especially relevant to me as that I HATE to see my friends go through the tedious road to recovery. I am in no way knocking modern medicine. I love that we even are able to do things like mend such serious injuries. (not like I would know anything about that, you know, since I broke my neck in high school.) But knowing myself, I’m incredibly impatient, and I hate being injured more than I hate getting sick.

At least the weather is nice this morning. Easter is this Sunday, and many people I know have gone back to their families to celebrate the holiday. Unfortunately, I do not share in this luxury, due to my massive amounts of papers due in the coming week. HOWEVER, my mom sent an Easter basket, which was adorable to say the very least. Mini Cadbury Eggs? Check. Reese’s Eggs? Check. Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny? Double Check? Check. In other words, those Easter candy favorites? All here. Thanks Mom, for everything.

Down the Rabbit Hole!

Down the Rabbit Hole!

More to come later tonight, I’ve got customers coming in!


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did you not see the return address on you Easter package?! It wasn’t from me!

Comment by Amy

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