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Nothing up my sleeve…
April 13, 2009, 4:22 pm
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This is how I feel today. WHARRGARBL indeed.

Monday, oh man. You do me dirty every single time we come across each other. What a jam-packed day I’ve got in store for me today. I’ve got to finish up a close to four page paper on a subject I just found out about yesterday. Granted, I finished up two entire packets of reading yesterday simply on the subject, so I’m more on the know and know rather than the down-low. As a second note, I just finished my Children as Readers Book in about an hour. 221 pages, and yes, if your wondering, my eyes really do hurt. Holes is one of the coolest books I have read in a long time though. I think the reason why I consider it to be such a good novel is because of the various topics covered thematically, but also contextually within the novel. I think that one of the reasons why I love this Children as Readers class is that (As simple as this might sound…) students try to step back and take another look at the literature that has not only shaped one’s own childhood, but to also apply adult perspectives to these (literally) pivotal and shaping novels, all the while not losing the magic contained within the books to begin with.

However, I’m slightly biased, being an English major and all. I’ve got to get off to class, but I will leave you with this: If you want to relive your childhood, read a book from your past. It’ll refresh you, I promise.


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