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“Three Little Birds.”
April 18, 2009, 5:32 pm
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Ok. Last night was pretty impressive to say the very least. I wanted to show Rainor and Baldur off to everybody I possibly could, and STILL didn’t get to introduce them to half the people I wanted to. I’m sure this summer that will change though. I think my favorite part of the night had to be just us sitting around chatting with one another. It reminds me of the times where we’d just waltz around the neighorhood, not necesarily looking for trouble or anything. Just kind of relaxing in the calm solace of the night. I’m sure you, my fine reader, have an inkling to what I might be talking about. The onset of night is almost like a one gigantic dark hug. How the sun just drips out of the sky, and slowly, but surely, night takes over. One of the reasons why I love to run at night so much more than running in the day. I’ve got nothing against the sun, but the sun has a completely different feeling than night. It warms you, from the outside in. Like a hug that just stayed a moment too long. Ohio sun, has a completely diffrent feeling than the rest of the world. Some kind of “baking” feeling, but I digress. That being said, my head is an absolute whirlwind after last night. I loved that warm feeling of just being ‘complete’ in one room, even while watching YouTube clips like “Brüno” or “Like a Boss” and laughing my ass off. It was really refreshing, like the relief you get after a big sigh. At the same time it was calming, like watching a sunset or sunrise. You can’t squeeze that stuff out of a person, it just comes naturally.  I love it.

All in all, last night was great. While they left a couple of hours ago, it was great to see my brothers. Playing that ‘older brother’ card doesn’t last long in life. I know, I know. I’m sure your saying “But they’ll be your brothers forever!”, I don’t seem them as much as I’d like  these days and it’s just relaxing to be with them for a night.

Good vibes all around.

Ironic that I live in Holden?

Is it ironic that I live in the Holden Dormitory?

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