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Random Things You Never Knew About Me
April 22, 2009, 3:17 am
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  1. I love, for really no reason in particular, Japanese Gardens. I think bamboo gardens are some of the most serene places on earth. Forests in general, for that matter, are wonderful places in my mind. Usually in the post spring or summer time, at the height of the ‘green’ scene.
  2. I really wish they would make an incense of Blueberry Poptarts. I personally love Blueberry and S’mores Poptarts, mainly because I used to eat S’mores Poptarts with Rainor and Baldur, while the Blueberry Poptart smell reminds me of staying on Sanibel Island when I was younger.
  3. I never used to be such a clean person, and was very messy when I was younger. We’re talking piles of clothes just heaped in front of my closet. No real reason, just heaped. That changed completely when I came to college, although I think my wall of advertisements is a bit messy. (Although I love the giant collage effect on my wall.) I’m not necessarily OCD or anything, I just like having things neat and tidy.
  4. I love randomly found Polaroid photographs.
  5. I’m a slightly inverted nerd. I love to workout and be outdoors, but I really like working with computers and love little handheld gadgets. Seriously, handheld games? I’ll take them any day over actual video games. (Not like I play video games anymore though. I’m kind of useless when it comes to them.) We’re talking handheld here.
  6. I have a new found obsession with StumbleUpon, and it’s starting to get slightly unhealthy.
  7. I detest 35mm photography, nor I do not find photo labs particularly calming, mainly because I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to printing out my photographs. However, I really like digital photography, I will spend hours on a computer with Photoshop.
  8. Embarrassing as it may be, I fall asleep when I’m reading something I don’t like. I don’t mean to do it, I really don’t. It’s becoming a really bad habit especially when I have to read it for class.
  9. People can never follow my train of thought. If they try, they think I’m seriously insane. And yes, it worries me from time to time. Mainly because I hate when people don’t know where I’m coming from. Seriously, it frustrates the living hell out of me. To this day it still feels like NOBODY has ever truly ever understood where I’m coming from.
  10. I wanted for the longest of times to be a toy inventor, that and to own a cookie shop with my brothers. I have no real clue what I’ll end up doing with my life, but I want to own my own business at one point. Restaurant, Bar, Bookstore, Toy Shop, who knows. Those all sound great to me thus far.
  11. My music taste has not changed that much over the years. Just to name a few that I constantly listen to: Incubus, The White Stripes (The Raconteurs as well.), Iron & Wine, Gorillaz, Jack Johnson, AFI, The Black Keys, Silversun Pickups, (Next two are throwbacks, but hey, everybody listens to these from time to time.) Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, 311, Boozoo Bajou, Mindless Self Indulgence,  Radiohead, and finally Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire. Simply put, it’s a pretty eclectic mix to say the very least.
  12. I love to snowboard and surf, but I rarely get the chance to now-a-days.
  13. My favorite lucky number is 13. I mean, come on. Who really has had a bad Friday the 13th aside from the kids at Camp Crystal Lake?
  14. OK, if you didn’t get that last movie reference, then shame on you. I’ve got a soft spot for horror movies. I’m really not a guy to be scared of scary movies, I usually end up just laughing at them. Specifically the Saw series. (I mean, come on. How ridiculous are those.)
  15. I love, love, LOVE peanut butter and jelly.
  16. That being said, I am obsessed with making sandwiches. I really do like sites like ( just because the scans that they have of particular sandwiches make me drool. It’s like food porn, it really is. I also really like perfecting my chili recipe. (Secretly I love spaghetti-o’s. Only the folks at home really know that though.) Oh, and cookies, for sure. Cookies are my absolute favorite desert. I’m pretty sure the staple of my diet has to consist of soup, sandwiches and a good cookie. Bag it up, plop me in a book store, and you might not find me for days on end.
  17. I own a coffee machine, but I use it to heat water for tea. Rarely do I ever use it for coffee, but rather when I need hot water. I used to drink coffee all the time freshman year, not so much anymore.
  18. Omelet, cereal, and fruit for breakfast. The omelet is optional, cereal and fruit not so much.
  19. I don’t watch much television at all these days. I watch House on a weekly basis and Chuck when I can, but that’s it. I don’t even own a television. It does not bother me in the slightest though, it’s one less thing to tether me to the couch.
  20. I love to be outside. Climbing trees is something I miss most from my childhood. We had a huge white pine when I was growing up that I used to climb all the time. I remember going up as high as I could in the branches, having my hands covered in sap for days on end, practically ingrained into my palms. I also remember watching Robbie paint his truck, and I thought I was being so secretive and sneaky, and it is without a doubt he saw me. I still like to think that if I ever turned into a ghost, that would be what it’s like.
  21. I love to run. If I had a single super power, I think it’d be super speed. Well, super speed and the ability to have my body and clothes be able to  withstand the massive amount of force my body would generate in order to run that fast. Oh, and the reaction speed to match. Can’t be tripping over a log at the speed of sound, right? I mean, that happened and there would be nothing left.
  22. On the same note as super heroes, I’m a Britannica when it comes to knowledge of super heroes and villains from comic books. Any series, any hero or villain, I’m sure I can rack my brain for some kind of fact. I mean, granted, I can’t retain a lick of the Spanish language for the life of me these days, but I could rattle off superhero facts for days. Some days, I wish I could exchange one for the other. Just some days.
  23. When I find myself bored in class, I make titles for stores I plan on owning later in life, or end up creating in my fiction. Ask anybody who knows me about my restaurant names. I don’t mean to brag, but I mean, they’re pretty damn clever if I do say so myself.
  24. I have some of the coolest cousin’s ever, and I’ve never even met them before in my life. I seriously plan on changing that.
  25. I have a ridiculous imagination. It’s rampant, no joke.
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Don't be shy! Comment!

I’m sure to be posting more of these as this blog progresses.


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Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

Comment by mrred

Let me know if you decide to go ahead with the bookstore idea… that’s my plan if the architecture thing doesnt pan out.

Comment by Nick

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