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Game, Set, and Matador.
April 24, 2009, 1:57 pm
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My favorite quote in a long time.

My favorite quote in a long time.

We’ve finally made it to Friday. Today is supposed to be the I.S. Symposium, where a whole bunch of Senior’s present their topics and findings in every department. Last year we had killer catering from Coccia (or however it’s spelled.) House and other places around the area, but this year it seems like the College decided to go with little quiche appetizers instead of actual food. Now, does that seem like a good thing to fill college students up with? No.

It seems like the entire campus is holding it’s breath and bracing itself for next week. I know that this particular weekend is going to be pretty rough from the get-go. Final Empire paper due next tuesday, final Conceptual Artist photo project due next Thursday.  I also need to finish Children as Readers paper BY May 1st so that I can actually spend time with my friend Stephen. (Who’s turning 21.) As well as preparing myself for my Modern Britain History final exam, my Children as Readers final exam and my final portfolio for photography, which as a finale will be the coup de grâce of this year as a whole.

If you haven’t seen it already, this 100 meter photograph is amazing to wade through. Yes, you have to scroll for a while, but the candid expressions of the people who are unaware of the photograph being taken are amazing. (I mean, some people notice the picture being taken and make a bit of a scene.) check it out HERE.

So, as I embark on my final project for photography, I think I’ve come up with a conceptual idea that I really like. I’m going to be focusing on portrait work as my particular medium, but thematically I’m looking at people’s scars and the stories behind them. If you’ve personally met me, you’d no doubt eventually notice the big scar on the back of my head from me breaking my neck, so the subject in and of itself is very dear to me.

Let’s go greet us a Friday!

and on, and on...

and on, and on...


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