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Longboard Update
April 25, 2009, 5:42 pm
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Here it comes!

Clear the Streets!

Who’s excited? This guy is excited. So, I ordered my longboard yesterday, in hopes of getting to know longboarding better this summer, and to save some cash in scooting around Wooster. I ordered from Sector 9, finally arriving at a conclusion from my longboarding associates. (Sam and Matt.) I ordered a beautiful board from the Bamboo Series called Laniakea. Gorgeous board, overall feels like it’s a surfboard, which is what longboards are supposed to feel like as opposed to shortboards. I am glad to get out of the shortboard territory for a number of reasons. Reason #1: Riding shortboard around Wooster is SUPER loud. If you hit anything aside from RECENTLY paved street, your board reacts. Especially if you’ve got a shortboard with 36mm wheels. Reason #2: Your board reacts to EVERYTHING Wooster can throw at you, especially if you’ve got 36mm wheels or smaller. Longboards don’t necessarily have this problem, and react well to the more minor bumps. One of the reasons I’m excited about this switch in boards is because now I can, as Sam said, “Trust the board.” It’s hard to transition from not being able to use much of your board and distrusting it, to being able able to trust it and pull turns with your entire body. Matt and Sam both agreed that I’d need a tail for my beginning longboard, mainly because of stability, so I thought about it for a while. Made sense, right? If your going to do something right, might as well start from the beginning board rather than with the intermediate board. Again, very excited. I’ve also decided that since the little advertisements on my wall are starting to look more and more crappy as time goes on, I’m going to stop that particular trend next year and put my skateboard decks on my wall. I’ve got two shortboard decks I’ve broken in, specifically a really bland basic one, and my Enjoi board (Which I’ve hardly broken in at all, due to construction and crap around Wooster this year.) Hopefully, that’ll make three boards up on the wall, and if I like longboarding enough on THIS deck, I’m probably going to end up ordering a longer board. But we’ll see, can’t jump the gun just yet.

Beautiful, ain't she?

Beautiful, ain't she?

Anyways, This is my relaxation time before I head back into reading Tagore and Kipling. Springfest is tonight, which should be sweet as hell. I haven’t been to any good concerts in a while, and no doubt it should be relatively spectacular tonight. I’ve got to rework my Empire paper for Tuesday, finish four seperate rolls of film of people’s scars, go to Springfest and watch a movie with Jen tonight. Weekend just keeps getting more and more packed! Fingers crossed that everything goes well, and hopefully I’ll be able to post a little something in the coming weeks. Wish me luck!


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lovely board =)

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