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Dance ’til Your Dead. (Off With Your Head!)
April 29, 2009, 4:51 am
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Burnt out.

Burnt out.

So, tonight has been a pretty busy night for Odin. After cranking out 5 (or six, depending on how you look at ’em.) photo prints out of the 10 that I need, I ended up watching Stand By Me with Matt, Sam, and Bain. Seemed to be a very solid choice, good ‘guy’ movie. Saw Jerry O’Connell, Keifer Sutherland, and Corey Feldman in the movie, which was a serious throwback. Not only did I find out that the entire movie was based off of a Stephen King novel, but also that it was made before I was even ALIVE. (1986, jeez.)

Brace yourself, mini-rant ahead. Hell Week is far from over though. Tomorrow, I’ve got to finish the Conceptual Artist photography project after working out with Sam at 8, as well as figure out housing forms for this coming summer, (Namely, sign stuff, have Mary sign stuff, turn it in to Residence Life. ) Start/Finish Children as Reader’s paper, as well as watch “The Queen” and write a movie review, all after I work for the I.T. Department from 6-8pm. Sound busy? That’s just tomorrow! Thursday is worse. I’ve got the photo project’s critique, as well as finding out exactly what will be on my Empire Meets Itself exam. Oh! Little side note:I finished my Empire paper, (18 pages, so proud.) only to find out that we have A FINAL IN THE CLASS AS WELL. I bought Havholm’s book, in thinking it’d be a great college memento to have him sign it, mainly because I think it has been by far the most challenging (as well as interesting.) class I have taken at the College of Wooster to date. Doesn’t mean it’s easy though. Hard as HELL. Anyways, Ontop of figuring that particular exam out, I’ll also be turning in my movie review, as well as finishing up either my Children as Reader’s paper, or starting work on my Final Portfolio for photography. (Which I will no doubt be working on in the coming weekend.)

It does kill things.

It does kill things.

On the upside of describing why I ended up watching a movie with my boys, I was so beat after photography that I really couldn’t think. Difficult as it is, you can’t concentrate on something like that for so long and not take a break. I mean, I couldn’t think. Like, at all. The weather all day has been a sort of rain/cloudy day with gusts of wind that die down little by little. Weird. Plus, turned the sky a sick yellow tonight.

Poor Yannie. I hate when I try and fix something for someone, and it’s just broken and I can do nothing aside from telling them “Your stuff is broken.” I worked on his computer to try and get his Hard Drive to work, but really, the thing is broken. RIP Matt’s Laptop. You had some sick tunes on you.


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