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April 30, 2009, 10:15 pm
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The board arrived today.

While I did a bad thing and took it for a 40 yard coast, it was totally worth it. I have to hand it to Sam though, for three reasons.

  1. It moves like BUTTER. So smooth. So very smooth.
  2. It is gorgeous. Made of bamboo (yes, my favorite plant.) and just, ugh. I can’t do it justice by words alone. Simply gorgeous.
  3. It’s got lime green wheels. It is officially the mini-green machine. While I’m going to have to work into carving, and gently ease into it, oh man. It’s a blast to ride already.

It’s a great board, and while I’m still feeling it out, it seems like a very solid choice. Bravo amigo, bravo. I’m slightly bummed that it’s so rainy outside today. However, it makes me focus on my work. I had my last tuesday/thursday classes today, which was slightly depressing on some accounts (Mainly saddened by the Empire Meets Itself. It was a hard class, but Havholm’s leaving. While he’s such a cool guy, the class kicked my ass, so I’m torn with how today went.) but elated in other classes being over. Namely Photography. That all being said and done, I’ve got one more paper to write, then it’s off to the weekend! I’ve got three exams, and a final portfolio after this final paper, so START THE COUNTDOWN. I’m off to go present my Conceptual Art Project tonight. I’ll hopefully load up the photos sometime this week if I’m able to scan them all in. Fingers crossed that this goes over well. 

Anyways, before I go, I highly suggest you hop on over to ( and check out trailer #2 for THE HANGOVER.

Um, YES? 

Looks hilarious.

Calming, no?

Calming, no?


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