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Last Post for Junior Year.
May 4, 2009, 7:02 pm
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Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

In preparing for the coming week, I won’t be able to write anything post-wise due to studying for exams, so I’m going to try and get this out of the way for my fellow readers. I’ve recently been very, VERY edgy with the end of the year. Now, as a general rule, I want people to know that I don’t mean to be edgy, but it’s a very stressful time of year for me. Granted, I usually am strung out with exams and such, but as of late, I just want to let people know that if I come off as particularly agitated, just let me calm down on my own. Don’t try and help, you’ll just make it worse. (PS, I really hate being in this mood, so I’d rather people just not see me in it to begin with.)

In trying to calm down, I’ve been listening to a whole lot of Jack Johnson and skateboarding with Sam and Matt. Sam and I had an impromptu session yesterday breaking in my new board, and it shows how new I am to long boarding. I love it, and it’s great, but my stance is so ingrained into being on a short board that it is incredibly frustrating at times just to simply reteaching myself how to ride. I’m slowly learning, and I’m taking my board out every chance I get, but it still is difficult to change those ingrained habits. On the Jack Johnson count, I have to say my absolute favorite song of all time has to be “Taylor” or “Cookie Jar”. They both remind me of surfing, but in different weather patterns. While “Taylor” is something you listen to as your cruising down the highway with the top rolled down, “Cookie Jar” is something of a rainy day jam.

Ugh. I’m not a fan of History, I just want to make that perfectly clear. So far, I’ve finished my Children as Reader’s exam, and I’m currently whipping up a review guide for History on Wednesday. Tonight, I’ll probably end up working a bit more on my photography portfolio as well as possibly studying for Empire Meets Itself, though I’ve really got no idea what to expect for that exam.

On a completely separate note, I need to get paid. I’ve got a couple of things to buy for my brothers for ‘end of the year’ presents. Also, I’ll be 21 soon!

I can’t believe that my Senior year is next year.


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