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Small City, Big Dreams?
May 10, 2009, 1:07 pm
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Well, we’re now officially into summer. Today is mother’s day, so I ended up using Photoshop to put myself into a cute picture to send to my mom, as well as general gifts I’ll give to everybody once I get to see them. I’m pretty sure everybody will love what I got ’em. (Oh, the suspense!) My summer job started today, working at the I.T. Desk in Andrews from 2-5. Elaine and I ended up being creepers last night and checked out our housefor this summer. It turns out it’s one of the newly renovated ones on College St. Nicely renovated kitchen, new coat of paint, and overall just looks nice and cozy. Even has it’s own parking lot in the back! (Also, right behind Westminster!) In general, the place is pretty secluded, which is exactly what I wanted. Got a nice patio for grilling out, as well as a 2nd floor landing with fire escape. (We’re going to be grilling on both patios, for sure.)

In other news, most of my senior buddies are gearing up for graduation tomorrow. It’s a bittersweet ending to a year. I love to see my friends so excited to be leaving Wooster, but it’s so strange to see this place so empty. It’s far too quiet.

My Birthday is in 10 days, which is slightly scary. Legal Adult. (eek.) I know a whole bunch of my friends will be coming down to go on a bit of a pub crawl. In other words, it’s going to get ridiculous up here. Excited? Yes. I am.


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