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Day 1: Braving the I.T. Sea.
May 12, 2009, 2:25 pm
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Aboard this vessel whist be sailin’ the grand sea of Wooster, Ohio, we be findin’ our crew far beyond ye palid eye. While rations be low, and ye morale is dwindling, we be working on gettin’ our act together. Yar.

Ok, Pirate antics aside, we’re down to the wire here on campus. Moving into the house hopefully this Thursday (or around then at least.) and then heading into the wilderness of the Summer. Last night was really weird. I could NOT, I repeat NOT, get to sleep. I should also note for you that not only was it frigid outside, but windy as all hell. Weird weather to accompany the lack of food. A peanut butter and banana sandwich does certainly not a dinner make. I’m going to chalk it up to Clive Barker for my restless night though. Elaine and I ended up watching his movie Book Of Blood, and it. was. sick. Not slightly “Ew, that’s gross.” kind of sick, but actually disturbing and nauseating sort of sick. In other words, a pretty effective scary movie. (I mean, come on. In the movie, someone get’s their face skinned. Plus, poor chick is still alive.) Maybe combined with the fact that I’m somewhat ill (trying to stomp out a sore throat, but that’s been there for a while…) or from simply from mulling around campus in the end of the year, I think both are relevant reasons enough to defend the fact that I’m really tired. Bottom line: I feel like death today. No rest for the wicked, hm?

Also, I should note that I tried out Skittles Crazy Cores during the movie last night. THEY. ARE. AMAZING.

I’m not kidding you at all when I say that I love Skittles. The Crazy Core Skittles are possibly my favorite Skittles candy to date. (Well, aside from their Carnival flavors, which are incredible in their own right.) In my eyes, Skittles have never and will never do me wrong. I mean, come on. Cherry Lemonade? Peach Mango? Flavors like that in little bite-sized pieces? Bravo Skittles. Bravo.

So, I’m currently sitting at the I.T. Employee Help Desk in Morgan Hall, and I’m figuring out what I get to do this summer. I’m one of the project leaders for the WooCorps for the I.T. Department, and the powers that be named myself and an associate of mine, Harrison Wilson, to be WooCorps “Historians”. For those readers that don’t know what WooCorps might be, it’s the college employing students and giving them both food and shelter in order to help students weather the ongoing “economic storm.”  Since the college wants documentation of this endeavor, and since this will be an ongoing experience, The I.T. Department needs to figure out how to update their current technology labs, as well as relay their ideas to the student public in a, and I quote, “Hip, new way.”

We’re going to do that, in use of a blog and a Twitter account. In essence, I’m getting paid to blog. WHICH IS AWESOME.

Both the short Longboard (Bambino) and the Waimea Longboard come in on Friday, but I’ll be heading back home this Saturday in visiting my family before the summer gets rolling. Also, to renew my license, pick up some groceries and celebrate my birthday with my family. Full week ahead! That being said…


I was probably this cat in another life.

I was probably this cat in another life.


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can’t wait to be up there with you to join in all the fun. maybe i’ll even make you dinner so you aren’t stuck eating peanut butter sandwiches all the time

Comment by Jen

put up pics of the boards when they get in – I wanna see!

Comment by ehfbritt

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