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Day 2: A Brave New World.
May 14, 2009, 2:16 pm
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Well, as a plethora of new experiences rolls out the red carpet this week, it seems to be just the beginning, with so many more coming our way. It seems to be that I’ve accomplished quite a good bit in the last couple of days. Yesterday night we ended up moving most of our stuff into the house. The house, simply put, is amazing. I’m really excited about how things will end up this summer. (Even if I’ve got too much stuff to begin with, I’m sure that will have to change eventually…)

I just found my recipe for the most perfect summer drink: Cherry Limeaid. Like lemonade, only sweeter and with more tart, I very much prefer Limeaid to be my usual summer drink. I used to have this wonderful concoction when I wanted to do two things simultaneously.

  1. Wake up, and be completely, insanely cognitive.
  2. Cool off from the humid Cincinnati heat.

That being said, here’s the recipe that I found. Make it, and be merry. Seriously, jittery merry.


1 ½ cups granulated sugar (White, not brown.)
1 ½ cups water
Small (very small.) dash of salt
1 ½ cups fresh squeezed lime juice
1/3 cup whole maraschino cherries (Not the juice.)
2 TbS grenadine
3 to 5 cups COLD water (Depending on how strong you want it.)
Whole maraschino cherries & lime slices for garnish

Here’s where things get tricky, because I don’t really quite remember this last part, but…In a large pan bring sugar, 1 ½ cups of water, and a pinch of salt to a boil. Boil until the sugar is melted and the liquid is clear; about 3 to 5 minutes. Set aside and cool slightly. Then, Place all the ingredients together in a half gallon pitcher and stir to combine. Chill and serve with lime slices and cherries in mason jars. (If you want to have a stronger flavor, just stew the cherries and limes in the mason jars. Delicious.

Oh, and because I can, I’d like to show you all some food porn.

S'mores Sandwiches

S'mores Sandwiches

Three Tier Misu Cheesecake

Three Tier Misu Cheesecake

Now, the dinner options!

Three Cup Chicken

Three Cup Chicken

Grilled Tequila Chicken

Grilled Tequila Chicken

Old recipes and food porn aside, the amount of stuff I’ve got in my room is weighing heavily in my mind. Granted, I think with a little packing I could fit everything I own into my car, but as it stands I’ve got a couple of things left in my old room (Holden 358, you will be quite the room to remember.) that I’m debating just throwing out. I mean, granted I can’t throw out something like Eddy. (Which reminds me, I’ve got to feed him…eeeh.) But I can certainly cut down on a variety of things. Such as my magazine collection. I mean, it’s a little bit different mainly because all I read magazine-wise is GQ. However, I like to peruse through the old copies, so I end up saving them all. Plus, being an English major does not help. Almost every book I touch I keep. One day, i’ll make a library of solitude. Just wait.

This Tumblr business is incredibly difficult to link to the blog/twitter account. I don’t want to keep all three accounts separate, but it seems like that might be the best option. My Tumblr account is a combination of both my Blog and my Twitter posts, but I don’t want to have my Blog and Twitter be publishing my Tumblr posts, mainly because I feel like if I did that I would tear a hole in some kind of time-space continuum. Oh, the pains of being a nerd.


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those pictures look delicious. can you really make those?? will you teach me? I want to work on my cooking skills this summer… or else I’ll have to survive on frozen dinners.
And these “food porn” pictures would have made me incredibly hungry had you not inspired me to eat three of those delectable doughnut rounds or whatever they were in lowry. now my stomach is protesting.

Comment by Nora

1. Awesome food porn, as always: now I wanna find a recipe for the three tier misu cheesecake because it looks delicious!!
2. Throw away the things you can always buy again later – the shit that has no sentimental value, its okay to let go. and I totally understand the books and magazine thing – I own more books and magazines than my whole family combined.
3. I’m getting away from facebook for a while, so i’ll see you sometime later… 🙂

Comment by ehfbritt

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