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Day 3: A Different Sea.
May 18, 2009, 2:09 pm
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We're not in Kansas anymore...

We're not in Kansas anymore...

Well, I just came back from being in Cincinnati for the weekend. I went home mainly to celebrate my birthday a little early with my brothers and family since I won’t be able to make it home on the 20th. It was nice to see everyone, and the weather was gorgeous (if a little on the chilly side…) But it was strange to have not seen my family for so long. While being on my own is incredible and very different, it is difficult only being able to come back for a weekend at a time. I mean, work is nice, but this is the first summer where I’m working an 8-5 and really sort of fending for my own. I miss my brothers especially, mainly because Rainor will be heading off to college in the fall and Baldur will be all alone at home. I want to be able to spend time with them before they head on off to such a different time in their lives. We’ll see, no doubt we’ll scrounge up some trouble.

I see you!

I see you!

Nerd-gasm ’09: Ordered my 24″ IMac and it should be in within the week. Can you dig it? I can. I’m so pumped. Going to be using my camera to edit the living daylights out of everything I shoot. On a slightly similar yet completely different note, my birthday is Wednesday, and I’ll finally be 21. It’s going to be ridiculous. Scott, Sam, and Matt are coming down to Wooster and we’re going to head out to the bars for a bit of a bar crawl. Upon reflection, I might end up skipping out on work to go drink in a Toys R’ Us. I’m recently so aware of the fact that I’m getting older, and I’m not so how I feel about that. I’ve had so many experiences throughout my life that I don’t think many (Or anybody for that matter.) could relate to the things I’ve been through, and yet I’m still so young. I mean, a ‘young’ adult.

21. Jeez. I still feel like I’m 9. I remember when I was younger I thought I’d have a house, be married, and all these other ridiculous naive notions to be finished by the time I’m 21. I know, I was a naive little kid, but I’ve got the brain of a 9 year old trapped in a body of a 21 year old. While we all kind of realize that every birthday brings closer the inevitable, the march of time is completely different from the ‘Growing up’ factor in life. ‘Growing up’ is something nobody can really stop, but I mean, I feel like Tom Hanks in Big. I’m an adult, but never really going to be one at heart. I count on that child-like imagination of mine to get me through my day. I don’t ever want to lose that.

But 21?


Bring on that horizon.

Bring on that horizon.


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