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Day 4: Out of Time. (and Rum.)
May 19, 2009, 1:55 pm
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So, last night I had the most, and I’m not kidding, the most interesting dream I’ve had in a long time. Sad thing about this? I don’t remember it at all. I woke up this morning, slammed my head into the ceiling. (Yes, you read that right.) and promptly forgot what my dream was about. So. Frustrating. I wish I could actually have the gumption to write down my dreams when I have them. I know Mike used to be able to wake up and go right to his journal. No matter the time of day it was, Mike was able to write down what he had been dreaming about, be it in a cognitive state or not, and recall it later that day. Maybe that will be my claim to fame when I finally start inventing things. A way to ‘save’ your dreams, like computer documents. I mean, you could use a person’s nightmares for therapy, exposing them to what they fear in a subconscious state, or hype them up using the more uplifting ones.

Tomorrow, I turn into a pirate, rum and all.

This COULD have been my dream.

This COULD have been my dream.


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You gotta be careful of those ceilings. They can bite you.

I assume you’ve moved into your lovely new Stevenson residence, and therefore must loft your bed?

Comment by Ainsley

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