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Update from the Beyond
May 27, 2009, 2:24 pm
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It’s been far too long.

It’s been a crazy week or so since my last post, so I thought I’d squeeze in an update. Currently, it’s taking me a good bit of time to try and type this out, seeing as I’m in a stupid air cast on my left wrist. I managed to fall on it once again, but didn’t fracture anything this time. (Hooray!) However, in taking my sorry ass over to the hospital for an x-ray, the doctors found out (After an additional CAT Scan.) That not only do I have “Hyper dense pockets of bone in the center of my hands.” (Their words, not mine.) But that I’ve also got a couple of bone chips in my left wrist from older accidents. (I’m thinking my previous skateboarding accidents.) BUT there were no new fractures, so that’s good. However, I’m left with some advil, ice packs, and keeping it elevated for the time being. Kind of a bitch when you lead an active lifestyle.

This is how I feel after my wrist injury. Stupid.

This is how I feel after my wrist injury. Stupid.

Nerd-gasm ’09: Aside from my wrist, I got my new computer! I’ve got the new copy of IPhoto as well as Aperture installed, so I’ll be cranking out a whole bunch of my favorite pictures from this summer sometime soon no doubt. Hooray!

The house has been close to nuclear hot. It’s crazy humid in the summer, so I’ve taken to not wearing much of a shirt at all. There have been so many nights thus far of me just cruising around longboarding, surfing the gritty sea of concrete amid the waves of humidity. We’re talking about a humid that encompasses all of space and time here. I long for some place that just…isn’t Ohio. I had one of those moments where you just realize that you want something. you don’t necesarily know what you want, but you crave it, like a rabid night-time hunger. You can’t just sate this hunger with a trip to a local store or a little roadtrip back home. Something like a new direction, a change of scenery, pace, you name it. Just something.

I just don’t think I can ever live in Ohio. After chilling with Sam on our porch, just having a brew and chatting in the breeze, just a warm breeze floated through me and changed my entire perspective. Maybe it’s the stupid quips from the people around town “Go back to California!”, “Surf’s up?”, or my persona favorite of “Skate-bro, where’s the surf?” (Mainly because it made no cognitive sense. I’m skateboarding, you moron.) It makes me realize that I STILL am not ‘home.’ If your wondering, yes, it’s incredibly frustrating.

Though Ohio at this time of year is close to perfect at night. 75, breezy, slightly humid. Great weather for lots of mischief. Anyways, no doubt more to come in later weeks! (But since you thought of it, or didn’t, here’s a Corgi. Awful adorable.)

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who’s doggie is it? what a fat tummy & awfully sleepy; was he doing shots of tequila too?

Comment by Amy

hmmm… I would say move to the west coast… but I’m biased ;). Glad the wrist is okay (relatively speaking), that is a ridiculously cute puppy!! and be jealous b/c I’m gonna be in California in a couple days 🙂

Comment by ehfbritt

…you know, someday you are going to run out of bones to break. Glad you’re alright, though.

Comment by Grace

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