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June 15, 2009, 2:27 pm
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This weekend was quite frankly, epic. No other possible way I could describe it. I’m going to try and do it justice by summarizing the entire thing in a single paragraph.

Matt and I started out leaving Wooster, had a bit of a road trip adventure (Saw signs for Beaver St. and Far Wood instead of fire wood. Seriously, “Got Far Wood?” only in WV.) Ended up getting to Sam’s house, had a delicious cookout, watched the Red Wings/Penguins Game, and ended Day One. Beginning of Day Two, everybody got up, Sam made some waffles, practically gorged ourselves on waffles, then headed into the city. Skated the city of Pittsburgh after a debacle with the sunroof, and ended up at an Art Festival. After walking around the Art Festival and having a couple of beers, and decided to skate the rest of the city. After meeting up with Kenny, we headed out to Salem, an Israeli (I think…) restaurant. Had some chicken curry, then headed back to Kenny’s place to relax for a little while. Met Charlie, Greg, and Joe, (all friends of Sam and Kenny’s.) and proceeded to head to The Hangover. Promptly after laughing our asses off at the movie, we headed to Bar Louie and then back to Kenny’s place where we hung out for a good while. Woke up the next morning, had Matt recount his terrible dream to me, and then headed on back to Ohio, taking immature pictures all the while.

Amazing in simplicity and execution, but one of the most bro-tastic weekends I’ve had in a while.

Keep on truckin'.

Keep on truckin'.


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