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August 13, 2009, 5:15 pm
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The End of Summer.

The End of Summer.

Welcome to the end of summer. It’s been quite a strange ride for working for the I.T. Department, but now I’ve got to start getting into the routine of things. With school steadily approaching, (We start next week, seeing as the freshmen come in early and I’m trained to answer all their little bitty problems.) I’ve got to start thinking more realistically about I.S. and what I’m going to be doing for it. Anyways, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m going to be working on a Creative I.S. for the English Department for my Senior Independent Study. Similar to works such as Christopher Moore, David Sedaris, Tucker Maxx, and Maddox, I intend to create a series of fictional works. This will be a collection of short stories that are to include various aspects of pop-culture, such as technology and film, into the storyline.

I would work there all the time.

I would work there all the time.

I have a love for creating businesses and titles for stories in my day-to-day. Curious to what they might be? Well, here’s what I’ve got so far for my I.S. stories so far. Yes, some of them still need some polishing, but give me your input!

What if Blogs Became Sentient? (George Orwell “1984” take on Twitter.)
Web Design for the Feint of Heart. (Story similar to Poe’s “A tell-tale heart.” only with a Web Developer and a program created.)
InCase of Ipod-calypse: Mac’s Guide to the End of the World. (Similar to The Hitchhikers Guide, only this time, with the end of the world..)
iPod People. (Sci-fi rendition of MP3 Players taking over the brains of people. Either by music they listen to, or the earbuds themselves.)
Ode to the Toaster.
A Lumbering Day Through the Eye of a Zombie. (Minute-by-minute Zombie story. Sort of like a “Zombie Log.”)
Real Life Action Zero. (What would REALLY happen to an Action Hero in modern day. Like, say the legal actions that particular person would incur.)
Evil-ution of Monsters. (From Dragons, to Vampires, to Tyler Durden.)
The Graveyard Shift – Horrors of the Hospital.
Malicious Mysteries: Criminal Conundrums. (Kind of like CSI, but set in a prison.)
Tales From the Diner: Beyond the Counter-top. (A couple of off-beat tales of a late-night diner.)
Bach in a Minuet: My Time-Traveling lunch with Bach.

I'm pretty sure that's not possible. Period.

With your daily helping of reading!

I’m sure I’ll post a couple of pictures of my room in the next couple of days. What do you think of the stories?


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