Life and Food Porn.

Well, that was new.
September 4, 2009, 2:06 pm
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I really do enjoy thinking about what I’m going to write for I.S. (Or just think of the stories I’m going to write. You know. I’m just excited.)

One day, my I.S. will end up in this library. My library.

One day, my I.S. will end up in this library. My library.

On a second note of cool papers, a student from the University of Ottawa  have used the hypothetical situation of a zombie outbreak to examine some mathematical models for controlling the spread of infectious disease.  Awesome. Check out the paper in its entirety here.

I’m currently sitting at the I.T. Desk, and to say the very least, it’s been a very relaxing Friday morning. Instead of being woken up by the sound of the garbage truck mangling the trash bins four floors below me. (Seriously, it sounds like a trash compactor screaming when you leave your window open. I don’t need an alarm clock apparently, just leave my window open.) I woke up to warm sunshine and silence. Ah. Refreshing. Since I haven’t had time for a general update, I’m sure you all will eventually find out that I’ll be updating more on a weekly basis due to the small amount of free time I will have every Thursday and Friday mornings. Hooray! Also, we’re coming close to the end of Week 2! I’ve settled more into my room, which I really am getting to love. On another side note, Rainor is also settling into college as well! I’m just finally getting into the swing of things, but since I’ve been so busy with I.S., I haven’t had time to update in a while. Aside from longboarding around campus, library excursions, and trying to decorate my room a bit more (I need more seating! ARGH!) Life is busy, but good.

I relate to Otters more than other animals.

A look of curious speculation.

THIS OTTER UPDATE JUST IN! Food Frenzy Friday has been pushed to Saturday. Tune in for more delectable treats this weekend. Might have a Chinese Food marathon in honor of Jen’s cravings. Who knows though!


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yes! i was going to request a chinese theme!

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