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Return of the Friday!
September 11, 2009, 1:42 pm
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Well, well, well. What a whirlwind of a week it has been! After absolute insanity throughout the week, we’ve finally arrived at my favorite day of the week. I’ve had some of the strangest things happen to me this past week. Wednesday night, Sam, Matt, Scott, Abe, Alex, John and myself ended up going to BW3’s for a guys night at the bar. Was pretty relaxing, since I haven’t been out drinking in a while. Plus, it was good to swap stories with the guys and hear about their ridiculous exploits.

I thought Matt might like this.

I thought Matt might like this.

On another note, there was a whole bunch of other stuff that happened this week as well. Take for example yesterday’s breakfast. While waiting for Scott and Jen to get to Lowry for breakfast, one of the women who was working the poster fair came up to me and said, “Want to earn a free poster?” Thinking that I really had nothing better to do while I waited, I agreed. They needed help moving the posters out of their truck and onto the tables, so we bantered back and forth with idle chit-chat. These two people were awesome though. Dreads, tattoos, the works. Had they not worked this poster sale, I would have thought them to be working at a skateshop. Anyways, one of them asked me where I was from, and I replied Morgantown, West Virginia. She was super surprised at my answer because she’s a direct discendant of Zack Morgan, one of the first settlers of WV as well as the founder of Morgantown. I was absolutely shocked, mainly because I AM TOO. My middle name is Morgan, in honor of Zack’s endeavors. So, this took me by absolute surprise, but we exchanged information and she said that I should swing on by Pittsburgh sometime to skate around the city and chill with them. Skating on my way back to the dorm, I remembered their offer for a free poster, but really, I’d rather have a good deed done for the day. Finding a distant cousin was cool enough for me.

Only because it's Friday!

Only because it's Friday!

I’ve only got one class today, which is super nice. This weekend is going to be full of work though, mainly because IS is just picking up speed, and now I’ve got to get to writing stories and editing them constantly. I really don’t mind though. I feel like my IS is turning into something along the lines of a more adult Goosebumps collection. I have a very dark writing style when it comes to stories, but I think that’s because I really like mystery, adventure, and crazy twists. I think I’m going to build this shelf/chair/structure after college to honor my library. I’ve got quite the growing collection of books, and I can’t simply get rid of them with all my notes and underlinings in them. But that’s a different matter for a different day.

One day, I'll make this myself. This looks amazing.

One day, I'll make this myself. This looks amazing.

For now, I’m going to live in my carrel, so more to come later! PS, I know Food Frenzy Friday has been missing in action, but I’m sure that’ll change later tonight or tomorrow. It’s chinese themed this time, so send me your suggestions of what you want to see via comments!


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