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Oh, I didn’t see you there.
October 7, 2009, 12:51 pm
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If I was Poe, I would have just shot it.

If I was Poe, I would have just shot it.

Well hello! We’re back from the small break we call Fall break and thrown directly into the swing of things. Fall break was pretty sweet. Got a whole lot of work ready, such as gathering up books for I.S and storyboard-ing for Advanced Fiction, but nothing was accomplished. So far, I’ve got stories planned and slightly storyboard-ed out. Hopefully by next Tuesday I’ll have two more written out for I.S, along with a 10-15 page story for Advanced Fictional Writing. (Which I also hope to incorporate into I.S.) It felt rewarding to not have anything due. Plus, it was nice to charge my batteries for a while; it seems like I haven’t been home in ages. That being said, we’re back into the thick of things at Wooster. (Hooray for 210 pages of reading!)

I would love to find this place.

I want to find this.

Mini-storms and hurricane winds galore accompanied the return to campus, and now one can tell that fall is in full swing. Over Fall break, aside from heading to various department stores with Jen and hanging out at home, Baldur and I went to go see Zombieland. I cannot simply put into words how great this movie was. Aside from being a combination of everything I love in a movie, (Stellar plot, gratuitous violence, vivid sequences and effects.) There was so much more that I enjoyed from the film that turned out to be really unexpected. Actor cameos, excessive gore, and more subtle humor just to name a few. Frankly, I was expecting a Shaun of the Dead knockoff, since the Zombie-Comedy genre is hard to duplicate, but what surprised me was finding out that this movie was actually Ruben Fleischers filmic debut! Especially the ‘Rules’ of Zombieland. ‘Seeing’ the textual rules in particular situations MADE the comedic parts in the movie. Bravo Ruben, bravo.

Rule #1: Cardio

Rule #1: Cardio

Well, I’ve got to finish up reading a bit. This Friday is International Cookie Day, so expect to see some Cookies for Food Frenzy Friday!


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A) I thin that beautiful forest picture is Fern Gully…let me know when you find it.

Zwei) Zombieland is probably one of the most genius zombie movies ever made. I mean in the ENTIRE genre.


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