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Welcome to Hell Week.
December 3, 2009, 5:48 pm
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(Scary, no?)

How I usually feel around this time of year.

Ah, the end of November. If you haven’t noticed in years past, the last few weeks of November (and occasionally the first week of December.) the libraries start to fill up with college students cramming in facts in hopes of finishing papers and studying for finals. Simply put, this is Hell Week, and it’s not fun. Up here in Wooster, we’ve only got a week between Thanksgiving break and Winter break, so it’s literally made for finals. Luckily for myself, I only have one exam on Monday, but I’ve got a Philosophy paper due tomorrow, and quite frankly, it’s not weighing heavily on my mind. (I’ve got all day to work on it.) Knock on wood!

The Library

Welcome to the library! You'll be living here.

I’ll be heading home for winter break, which will be nice. Hopefully I’ll find some peace of mind while I’m there, seeing as I intend to be writing practically the entire time I’m home. Upon our return from Winter Break, Seniors will have about two months to have their entire I.S finished up and ready to turn in. That being said, I’ve got quite a bit of editing I need to do for my stories before they’re even third draft ready, so we’ll see what happens. 13 stories to finish up, and about a month of solid to finish editing. Sounds about right. I have a feeling it’s going to be an intense break…

Lord Byron


Also, as a fair warning to those who read my blog and enjoy sweet things, you’re going to hate me tomorrow. Tomorrow, is guilty pleasure Food Frenzy Friday. As the holidays draw near, I love to find wonderful sweets and such for people to drool over. Candy, cookies, brownies (and maybe some fried stuff too.) will all be rampant in the post. Seriously, bring your sweet tooth, and maybe a bag for you to drool in. Things are going to get messy.

Until tomorrow!

Until tomorrow!


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