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April 18, 2010, 4:06 pm
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So, for those of you playing the home version of this blog, and don’t know me personally, I love to longboard. I’ve been skating around since freshman year in high school, but I have to chalk up my love of longboarding to Sam Van Fleet and Matt Yannie, two fine gentlemen I met while attending the College of Wooster.


Relaxing on the quad, done with I.S. (Photograph by Harrison Wilson)

Anyways, While Sam loves to bomb hills, I’ve always just liked to cruise around. I’m not one to pull any kind of tricks or bomb giant hills, I just like to cruise. I like to think that the whole experience is like surfing on pavement. For me, it becomes incredibly relaxing if you want to just forget your problems for a while. After amassing quite a collection of longboards, (I’m sure I’ll update my quiver on this blog sometime in the near future. Just hit double digits!) I have to say that various longboards that I own have become staples of urban art in my room. The design of the decals of these particular boards (I’m talking about my Sector Nine Waimea and Shipsterns, along with my Loaded Vanguard) are boards I find to be incredible as pieces of functional art. (Let it be known that Sam gives me constant hell for rarely riding a couple of my boards. I’m not going to NOT ride them! Come on, that’s just unreasonable Sam.)

So, I was just surfing around youtube, and I found a new video by the guys at Loaded Longboards. After watching the guys at Original Longboards go down to Puerto Rico and video record their adventures down there, I’ve been inspired to throw one of my boards in my car and drive around the US to simply cruise around various locations. I’ve been waiting to really start my own little adventure, and I’m pretty sure the deal was sealed with watching the Loaded video. I figured, why wait? This summer seems like the perfect time to indulge in a little cruise adventure!

So, in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting locations in where I hope to travel, and I’ll be eventually posting pictures of the places I end up going! Anyways, I suggest watching the entire series of the Original Longboard Crew in Puerto Rico, but also check out Loaded’s LongTreks series. I’ve posted the first two episodes of each series, but tell me what you think!


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lmao fun info man.

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