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New Apartment!
June 20, 2010, 5:47 am
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I’ve got a small checklist going of the things I will need for my apartment. If you find anything that I should add to the mass of items, feel free to comment!

Odin needs to find…

  • A Bed or Futon – Preferably a futon, because I like the idea of something I can lounge around, but also sleep on. I’m thinking of just ordering one from the IKEA website once I have an actual address.
  • Indoor Magnetic Bike Trainer – Simple enough, it snows in Wooster. I need to have something to bike with during the off-season. (I’ll eventually get this, and any fixed-gear riders who read this could give me some help.)
  • Heavy Curtains – Mainly for Winter. I just like heavy curtains.

Odin has…

  • A dresser!
  • A bookshelf!
  • Two vintage louge chairs! (Red pleather and vinyl!)
  • A George Forman Grill!
  • Plenty of Books, Stereo, and Computer!
  • Coffee Table!
  • Desk! (On the way. I can assemble it without any tools either! Hooray!)

What am I missing? Comment!

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