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The Unpacked Life: Apartment Living.
July 12, 2010, 1:57 pm
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Seriously, it's changed so little

This is an image of the apartment thus far. I'll get a better panorama, I promise. Click it if you want to see it a bit bigger!

Let the record show that I was completely unhinged when I thought I’d be able to fit all that I needed to live in an apartment into a Honda Civic. Ridiculously unhinged. I thought about how I could make a bookshelf out of cinder blocks and wooden planks, and then suddenly realized, “Hey, if I’m getting a modest apartment, it’s going to be practically bare when I move there. Man up, get a truck, get some stuff in that sucker.

The Frog

This is how I feel about curtains.

Honestly, I hate it when that little voice in my head is right. Oh, man. Was that little voice right though. I’m glad I brought most, if not all of my stuff with me though. The most difficult of the entire trip had to be the books and my old, charcoal dresser. I mean, that little voice in my head did have a point, I mean, what’s the use of having furniture of your own if you actually never use it? Anyways, I have practically all of my stuff in this little apartment, and it still seems so incredibly bare. What I really need to start doing is getting some posters and artwork up on the walls. I would start writing on the walls, because I find that helps me write more often and get my thoughts out simultaneously, but I doubt my little landlady would like that. I do have one gripe about the place I’m in currently, and that’s the fact that the great Curtain Debacle of 2010 has taken over my little living room. One would think that this sounds ridiculous to have a grown man complaining about curtains, but I’m currently sick of the fact that I have curtains, and I can’t simply put them up like a normal person. It’s been a smorgasbord of events that have inhibited me from doing so. (The curtain rod won’t screw into the window, the rod is too short, ect.) I even tried just getting blinds, but even the blinds I got were too small! (Oh man, was that even more infuriating.) So, currently the only room I have curtains in is my bedroom, which is incredibly nice, but nothing in the living room. I can’t believe how I even took curtains for granted. Sheesh. Normal people don’t think about things like this, I swear. One day, I’ll get curtains in the living room. One day…

The place is nice though. I’ve got a little kitchen, a little bathroom, a slightly large living room, and a ridiculous bedroom. Like, I don’t know what to do with myself this place is so slightly big. It’s nice though, I like being on my own. Moving on from my little apartment woes, I’ll give you all food porn later today as well. You’re going to like this one, because it’s themed! Specifically, with SUGAR!

And thus, the process beings.


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