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Dim Sum and Then Some.
July 27, 2011, 1:22 pm
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So, I’m slightly ashamed to say that we haven’t had a serious chat about one of my favorite types of food. Westernized chinese food. No matter how you slice it, “Chinese Food” in America is IN NO WAY to be considered Chinese food. Granted, if you’re going to pull the “Well of course it isn’t authentic Chinese, you’re not in China!” card, you hurt my soul. (Seoul? Oh Odin, you so funny.)

ANYWAY. So, one of my favorite dishes that I tend to drool over are any kind of dumplings. Dim Sum, Pot Stickers, Jaozi, Mochi, Gyoza, whatever you call them, I love, LOVE some dumplings. (Runner up? Pad Thai. Shocking for a guy who loves PB&J? Not so much.) That all being said, here is some delicious dumpling food porn for your Wednesday hunger pangs. As per always, if you want any of the recipes for the following pictures, I’d love to redirect you to their original sites. Enjoy!

Also, spread the love about the site! I love to post food porn I enjoy, but would love some outside input as to what you guys might want to see. Let me know!


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Bon appetit

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