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New year, new priorities. (With a bit ‘o Biscotti.)
January 3, 2012, 2:40 pm
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I’m in the process reviving my food blog, I’m bringing my journal back to life again, and taking a new position with the college. Quite a number of things I’ve been straightening out are finally coming to fruition. (Hooray!) Let’s see, what is there of note on the homefront… Now that I think about it, not a whole lot, which is incredibly nice. Things are going quite smoothly, and after coming back from a holiday full of visiting around, I’m well due for some nice R&R back in my little apartment. I’m sure I’ll fill you all in in the coming posts. 🙂

Alright, so with this post, I have to chat a bit about Biscotti. If you’ve ever met me, you’d probably figure out I’m a bit of a tea and scone freak. I love the dense, hard-packed feeling of a scone. However, especially around the holidays, I have to trade in my love of scones for Biscotti.

If you’re curious about recipes, and where I found these particularly delicious examples, feel free to comment or message me, and I’ll make sure you find your dream biscotti.

Stay hungry!


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Don’t forget those non-dessert – hearty biscottis. They can make for some phenomenal aperitifs paired with a nice cocktail 🙂

Comment by Robert Melick

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