Life and Food Porn.

About Me.
Odin, confused.

Odin, confused.

Name: Odin Morgan Tangvald.

Residence: Wooster, OH.

Appearance: 5″8 & 1/2, 150 lbs. Littered with scars.

Age: 23!

Sex: Male.

Siblings: Two younger brothers, Rainor and Baldur.

Area of Study: English & Film Studies. I plan on going into film, specifically writing scripts or creating more creative works of fiction, but I’ve moved away from scripts and into novel writing.

Favorite Childhood Toy: Legos.

Likes: Large forests. The Art of Cooking. Random photographs. Silver jewelry. Green. Jeans. Skateboarding. Reading & writing. Rum. Surfing. Cookies and sandwiches. Being punctual. Bamboo. Halloween. Computers. Running. Bubble Gum. Shorts. Sandals. The quiet in bookstores. Hand-held gadgets. Legos. Hats. Peanut Butter. Urban Art. Snakes. Backpacks. Spaghetti-o’s. Crisp apples. Dark, rainy days. Green Sour Patch Kids. Durable things.

Dislikes: Overdue library books. When people don’t return phone calls. Being late. Bibliographical work. Gum on my shoe. Rats. Silly string. When I can’t solve something on my own.


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