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New year, new priorities. (With a bit ‘o Biscotti.)
January 3, 2012, 2:40 pm
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I’m in the process reviving my food blog, I’m bringing my journal back to life again, and taking a new position with the college. Quite a number of things I’ve been straightening out are finally coming to fruition. (Hooray!) Let’s see, what is there of note on the homefront… Now that I think about it, not a whole lot, which is incredibly nice. Things are going quite smoothly, and after coming back from a holiday full of visiting around, I’m well due for some nice R&R back in my little apartment. I’m sure I’ll fill you all in in the coming posts. 🙂

Alright, so with this post, I have to chat a bit about Biscotti. If you’ve ever met me, you’d probably figure out I’m a bit of a tea and scone freak. I love the dense, hard-packed feeling of a scone. However, especially around the holidays, I have to trade in my love of scones for Biscotti.

If you’re curious about recipes, and where I found these particularly delicious examples, feel free to comment or message me, and I’ll make sure you find your dream biscotti.

Stay hungry!


May 20, 2011, 12:07 pm
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He’s back.

After some prompting from close friends, (Lang, I’m looking at you.) I thought I’d get back to posting! As to updates as to where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, I’ll have a bit of ground to cover, so I’ll get to the guts of the food porn before I bludgeon you with a life-update or two. (It’s been a long time coming, but oh, how sweet it is.)

But you wanted food porn? Well, I’ve got some RIGHT HERE.


I’m going to warn you right now, this is slight inspiration for the coming Cake-tastrophie that I’ll be helping Brittany create in the next few weeks.

Well, there have been quite a few things of importance in the last couple of weeks, so we’ll start with the big stuff first.

About two weeks ago, my dad had a major accident. This is exactly what I’ve been told so far, so I’ll just relay exactly what I’ve been told. He was out biking on his own when his heart medication caused some kidney failure, which lead to him passing out hard into the pavement. Hard. He broke 7 ribs, and punctured his lung. Well, luckily someone found him, and called an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, his heart stopped. It took the EMT’s 25 minutes to revive him, and pretty much gave him 25 minutes without oxygen to the brain.

Oh, but we don’t stop there.

Once at the hospital, covered in blood, the doctors lowered his core temperature to 30 degrees Celsius, so they could stablize his organs before they dealt with his pain. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? He’s recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow! Granted, he’ll be on pain medication for a while, and then dealing with a new defibrillator / pacemaker, but hey, it’s better than the alternative. It would seem that the Tangvald family is tougher to kill than one would think.

Moving on from family accidents, I bring some pretty awesome news to light. I mentioned Brittany earlier in this post, but I have to re-introduce her in a more formal way. Let me put it to you like this: Have you ever had a rogue thought completely blindside you on some idle Tuesday? So much so that it completely changes anything you’ve ever thought of on a particular subject? Well, that happened to me, and I couldn’t be happier. Sappy moments aside, she and I have decided that we’ll be having a Cake-a-palooza in the coming weeks simply to say that we could bake 9 cakes and make a cake monstrosity. Granted, these won’t be just your normal, average cakes. (Had to plan it out a bit, go from densest confection to lightest.) No, no. Not normal cakes at all. Peanut Butter Squares, Cheesecake, Brownie, just to name a few types of cake that’ll be thrown into the mix of this monstrosity of a legend.

Onward and upwards from this emotional rollercoaster of a post, I’d like to let you know that I WILL be posting a bit more frequently. Namely because I’m getting back into the swing of things writing-wise. (Alllllriiiiiiight!) So, check back often.


Slow-Motion Friday.
July 23, 2010, 4:57 pm
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Welcome to the inner workings of my brain.


I find it slightly amusing that I can relate to many manic writers these days. (See above.) Must be that whole “Oh, you like to write? Guess you’re an English major at heart after all.” sort of thing. I digress, but only ever so slightly. If you have the chance, and you’re looking for something good to read this summer, I highly recommend the Johannes Cabal series. (Duo? I don’t know, there are only two books as of late in the series.) I just started to read it myself, but I love what the author, Jonathan L. Howard, has done. His writing style is slightly Victorian, and the main character, Johannes Cabal, is a little more Faustian. (In both practice and form.) I admit, I was drawn into these books by their covers. (I love the minimalistic style the publishers used.) But upon reading the blurbs of each book, I was further entranced. So far, I very much like the first one, and haven’t gotten into the second. If you’re down for a good summer read, these should be on your list, especially if you like interesting things, such as black magic. On that note, here’s the cover.

Johannes Cabal, The Necromancer

Johannes Cabal, The Necromancer

Play me off, Fancy Cat!

Fancy Cat