Life and Food Porn.

The Image says it all.
July 20, 2012, 3:02 pm
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Back under construction. Once the projects and zombies die down a little bit, I’ll be back into posting mode.


“…On the other side.”
September 27, 2010, 4:59 pm
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Things have been interesting as of late.

Ok, maybe not that interesting, but still. (Who doesn’t like cartoons?)

The first couple weeks of school are finally finishing up, and students are gearing up for the weekend. It’s been strange being back on campus, that’s for sure. While I get to see all of my friends in the younger classes, I still have to detach myself from the campus life. It’s not like I feel like I’m that that creepy guy that graduated forever ago that still comes to parties, but at the same time, it’s slightly awkward for me to be on campus. I’ve moved on from College. I am no longer a student. For the first time in practically seventeen years, I didn’t go to school on August 3oth. It was incredibly strange, but freeing at the same time. I mean, I’ve got friends on the campus that I’d like to hang out with, but they’ve already got their own agendas and groups of friends to hang out with that doesn’t really coincide with my own work schedule.



Moving on, we’ve got food porn this week! Are you excited? I am.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.
August 30, 2010, 5:12 pm
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Another sunrise to greet the day!

Day 27: Provisions seem to be modest supply, but morale is low. The crew, namely myself, have been stuck in the middle of the doldrums for the past couple of days. I’m not sure if it’s the tail-end of the weekend that’s been dogging myself down, or the fact that we’ve got about a weeks worth of storms heading our way, and I feel that I haven’t been writing enough. This too, shall pass.

Morning Edition: General Update.
July 22, 2010, 2:41 pm
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I have to say, these past couple of days have been pretty harsh on my morning “jump-out-of-bed-and-get-ready-to-tackle-the-day” routine. I feel that my phone is partially to blame, seeing as my iPhone has been acting up as of late. Little things like turning into “Brick Mode” when I try and call someone, not delivering text messages on time, as well as randomly shutting off my alarm has worn my patience incredibly thin. I’ve had enough of it, so I’ll be driving to the Apple store in Cleveland to get it checked out sometime soon. My co-workers have been having similar problems since the last Apple update, but I have a feeling that my phone is having a bit more of a rough time. (Considering that mine isn’t one of the new iPhones.) Still. The morning’s have been a little on the weak side, and I’m not such a fan of that.


One day, I'll get up, make pancakes, and promptly go back to sleep.

But while on the same subject of Apple products, I’ve had a hell of a time as of late getting my laptop up and running again. I need some kind of mobile device for working in the Instructional Technology department, so I thought I’d reformat my old MacBook Pro to take with me into work. I thought it would be as simple as just installing the operating system all over again and going from there. Apparently, I was wrong. My MacBook Pro has become so incredibly hot to touch while running, I could practically cook with the battery surface. (This, for the record, is NOT a good sign in the world of technology.) So, I’m going to also take this computer in to get looked at, but have come to terms with the fact that if it cannot be fixed, I should look into recycling it (and by recycling, I mean turning it back to Apple for they’re recycling program and picking up 300 odd dollars.) and picking up a refurbished new MacBook. (I know, I know. This whole bit is just a little nerd rant. I’m just a little frustrated, that’s all. ) But, I figure I’ll buy that refurbished model with time. I won’t be buying anything expensive anytime soon, the whole “trying to save money and work back my savings” thing keeps getting in the way.

As I am known to say, moving on!

In other news, I’ve been messing with some typography sites in hopes to spicing up the font on the blog, but we’ll see what happens. I have a feeling that there might be some substantial changes to the blog in coming weeks, mainly because I’d like to take it live on my own account. (Yay, my own domain name!) Only minor changes for now, in hopes of bigger changes down the road with designing my own website, eventually getting a book deal, then major motion picture, so on and so forth.

At work

Oh, you know. Just me at work.

We’re trying to develop some commercials to get the Instructional Technology’s policy and general mentality out on the student campus, and we’ve come up with a couple of ideas based on viral videos for things like Old Spice, ESPN Sportscenter, as well as the Mac Vs. PC commercials. Things have gotten a little busy in the office, mainly due to some coming changes in the department, but it seems that my resumé is going to be pretty damn polished and impressive after this next year. (Putting it lightly.) I can’t wait for students to be back on campus. I feel like I’m doing quite a bit of prep work, hopefully that’ll pay off.

One of my co-workers, Joe, was offered a job at Stanford University, and will be moving out to join the legion of brilliant technologists out in CA. While highly impressive to be invited to work for such a prestigious university, it is slightly intimidating to hear about how one hardened veteran of the College of Wooster circuit will be leaving some of his duties to me, the lowly intern. While he’s given me some pretty solid advice in regards to the workplace, I can’t help but think about how…

  1. My year just got hit by the “Gonna be real busy” stamp.
  2. My job is really intense.
  3. I still have no idea what to do with my life, but I still want to get out of Ohio.
  4. Will need to have #3 figured out at least by January. (Or have more of a firm plan as to what I’m doing. Who knows.)

Anyway, I’m sure this next year should prove to be interesting. If you know who Joe is in the office, give him your best. He’s a great guy, and I’m sure California will treat him well. I’m going to rouse up my spirits and take courage from the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

PS, the next food porn post will be yet another epic one. I have a feeling that burgers might be on the menu!

Weekend Update.
March 28, 2009, 4:27 pm
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Last night I went to go see I Love You Man with Matt, Sam, Scott and Bain. Needless to say, bunch of bro-mance involved in the movie. It was nice hanging out with the boys, they’re of excellent caliber. While the movie theater itself had some serious problems (missing at least five minutes of the movie towards the last ten minutes.) the night was an overall success. Needs to happen more often, as I’m sure it will.

Some parts were almost too awkward to handle, and the main character Peter Klaven (played by Paul Rudd.) does an excellent job of making the men in the audience squirm in their seats. Trust me, this guy digs an excellent grave in a conversation. I did think that one of the funniest parts in the movie has to be the impression of Andre the Giant by both Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. (“Hey there pretty lady! Anybody want a peanut?”) stitch-ripping hilarity, (at times!) with a dose of painfully awkward behaivor.

Overall, I’m going to chalk it up as eight Bro-fives out of ten.

Enough of the movie review!

I went out with Jen today and picked up two goldfish, in an attempt to have a little ‘perk-up’ for the room. No doubt I’ll post some pictures of them tonight. Jen named the little white one Guppy (We’re not sure how to properly spell this particular fish. Guppie? Guppy? I’m sticking with Guppy, mainly because it sounds like a fish-puppy.) and I named the classic orange one Wiggles. (Quite fiesty.) Gave ’em some blue gravel and a small tiki statue. Hopefully Guppy won’t have an identity crisis, due to the fact he’s not really a guppy/ie. On the same token, can’t have Wiggles freak out with the statue because he’s not really in Hawaii. I mean, come on. They’re both goldfish in Ohio, how smart could they be?

I wonder if fish ever dream of oceans…

No doubt they promptly forget about those dreams, knowing that the memory span of a goldfish is something around three seconds.

Oh well.

Out with a 'Bang'.

Out with a 'Bang'.